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  1. Born On A Waning Moon? Here's What That Could Mean For Your Life
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Born On A Waning Moon? Here's What That Could Mean For Your Life

How the waning gibbous moon interacts with your sun and moon, or zodiac sign is definitely going to depend largely on your sign. But what makes more of a difference when it comes to your zodiac charts is the position of the moon in the sky rather than the phase itself. Learn more about how the waning gibbous moon phase and astrology affect each other here.

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You make a great teacher and love to see the world improve around them. Full Moon Phase Lunar Personality: People born under the full moon are extraverted, and excitable, but sometimes understanding and expressing their emotions can be a hurdle. We begin to put plans into action. We begin to take our first steps along the path that came into focus during the new moon.

Mistakes will be made, but they are 'good mistakes'. This moon phase indicates a time of trying new strategies and testing new waters. The energy of the new moon is at your back you and the wind is filling your sails.

Follow your heart but don't ignore your intellect at this time. The third phase in the moon's monthly cycle is the "first quarter moon".

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This waxing moon phase is often mistakenly referred to as a "half moon" because it is half visible. During the first quarter moon, the moon is one-quarter of the way through the overall lunar cycle. The phase begins about one week into the lunar cycle. The iconic first quarter moon is often bright enough to spot during the daylight hours.

This moon phase is preceded by the evening crescent moon, and followed by the waxing gibbous moon phase. With this moon above we are now deeply rooted in plans and trends which began the week before.

Momentum grows by the day. What were once small personal goals and ambitions are now beginning to manifest themselves visibly. The first quarter moon can also be conflicted: Its divided nature represents both a wealth of progress and a daunting amount of work still undone. Beware of doubts at this time.

Know that momentum is with you and let your spirit guide you forwards. Challenges will arise, but they should be met head-on and not avoided. The fourth phase in the monthly lunar cycle is the "waxing gibbous moon", which is the final waxing phase before the full moon. The easily identifiable "bulging" shape of the waxing gibbous is one of the brightest moon phases. This moon phase can be easy to mistake for a full moon phase -- which follows in a couple of days. Waxing gibbous moons represent times of intense anticipation. Parts of your plans will feel complete, but others feel like they are hanging on the brink of a conclusion.

There is a palpable feeling of "almost" in everything you do at this time -- as if the world is bracing itself in anticipation of something big happening. At the same time, there can be an insidious temptation to quit during the waxing gibbous phase. It's common to feel like things are "good enough" right now.

Lunar Lessons: Unlock The Secrets To Your Karmic Blueprint Today!

Should you walk away and move on to something else? Resist these temptations at this time. The true fruition of your plans and energies still lies ahead. There is no more revered and impressive sight in the night sky than the full moon. The full moon marks the half-way point of the monthly lunar cycle, and is considered its peak. This fifth phase of the lunar cycle begins when the sun and moon are at a degree angle to one another, and the maximum amount of the sun's light is reflected back towards the Earth.

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The full moon typically rises in the evening and sets in at sunrise, affording the brightest nights of the lunar cycle. The power of the full moon is awesome and everywhere.

Sun Lights Up the Moon

We are jubilant and filled with its energy. Sometimes to the point of being irrational, giddy and out of control. There is a natural, mystical wildness to the full moon, and it fills every corner of our lives. This is a time for achievement and fulfillment. Goals are accomplished, but the unexpected can happen too. With this much energy flowing through each of us we are filled with the ability to rise above our everyday expectations -- but we are also prone to getting caught-up in that energy and acting rashly.

The full moon brings peaks of intense emotional energy. We find ourselves charged with its power whether we want it or not. Our emotions rise like the tide. Our passions overflow. At times this may result in bursts of creativity and genius. But at other times it may result in irrational outbursts and even a loss of control. The spiritual power of the full moon can be overwhelming. It is a time when anything can happen. It is both a gift of energy and a time of unpredictable overflowing passion. The full moon is typically regarded as a poor time to start projects.

While you may feel a surge of energy, vitality and creativity -- the reality is that the lunar cycle has finished its waxing phase. Now begins the waning cycle. Projects started at the full moon are typically regarded as missteps -- born at a time of passion and brilliance, but possibly without a strong foundation in common sense. The waning gibbous traditionally begins on the 3rd or 4th day after the full moon. Some astrologers prefer to use the older term "disseminating moon" to describe this phase, although most modern astrologers now use the more generally accepted term, "waning gibbous".

The waning gibbous rises in the late evening hours and remains visible until mid-morning. It is the sixth phase of the monthly lunar cycle. Transformation is upon us as we depart from the full moon. We have crossed a great river from a place of growth and gathering momentum, to a different land of ebbing energies and waning phases. This may indicate a time of questioning previously held ideas -- ideas that seemed wise only last week. The passionate genesis of the waxing phase has now transitioned into a period of introspection, questions and possibly letting go of ideas that need to be abandoned.

The waning gibbous heralds a time of intense communication.

Gibbous Moon Phase

Ideas need to be shared. Issues need to be addressed. And an assessment of our position needs to be made. This is an excellent time for reading and study. Gibbous moon loves build on those previous energies that came before it, except their energy is to purify, perfect, cleanse. It reminds me of Virgo energy — they take the projects the new moon baby started, the crescent moon baby thought through, the first quarter baby made happen and they search for ways to improve it.

This can manifest quite a bit of anxious energy, as they are trying to create perfection in an imperfect world, in an imperfect vessel but if you want something done right…make a waxing gibbous baby do it. These individuals with a full moon as their natal moon phase grow the most through the reflection of others. Full moon babies continually attract key partners that inspire their growth. Disseminating moon babies are here to learn what it means to give back.

It reminds me of Gemini energy in that way — very curious, very communicative, constantly on the go. They are thoughtful, intuitive types who find deeper meaning not in the external world, but in the internal. Natives born during this moon phase NEED to live a life true to their authentic selves. Likewise, they are here to end some cycles as well.

Waning Crescent Moon

These types enter the world with strong karma attached. Time alone to reflect is essential for balsamic or dark moon babies. Spirituality is a key theme, and they must come back to self — as many of the people in their life will likely leave them at some point. Finding solace in oneself is crucial for balsamic babies.